Shouting in the right direction

Whilst it seemed that the majority of ADI’s were debating the “legality” of the new test changes on social media, I was fortunate enough to attend the ADINJC’s association meeting at the weekend.


Now we all know that the new changes to the driving test, namely the “Pulling up on the right” manoeuvre, has the industry divided on its merits and legality. Sadly all this hoo-har has resulted in a missed opportunity for ADI’s to work together and to channel their views in a far more productive manner.

Whichever side of the fence you may sit on, to affect real feelings and changes and to get real facts, social media is the wrong medium to be using. It’s a bit like having a moan to your neighbour over the garden fence. Very few actually get to hear your views and very little of benefit can come of it.


However directing your views through an industry organisation, such as the ADINJC, allows for all those views to be ‘shouted in the right direction’ and points raised with the right people.

The association meeting was the second I have attended and I personally found it to be very informative and enlightening as to how this , non profit, organisation works hard for its members and the industry as a whole. After a presentation by Graham Feest, Chairman Lynne Barrie read out emails received from members regards a whole range of issues raised, with each one having been actioned upon.

All delegates in the room were, in turn, given an opportunity to raise anything they wished to discuss and with all the “correct” information to hand.

The ADINJC has the ear of the DVSA and it is though them that our voices will be heard and heard by the right people.




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