Driving Instructor Business Summit

Have you seen the Driving Instructors Summit?
Looks to be very exciting and yes we shall be attending. There has been lots of talk about it on Facebook and after speaking to the event organisers, they inform me that over 200 tickets have gone already.


The ADI-Network is taking part with a trade stand, so you can come and meet us, say hello…and you never know we may even have some cakes on the stand!!!

We are backing the Summit because of the excellent speakers, the content they are sharing and all of the proceeds for the event go to a special charity Speed of Sight.

Here are the links

Let us know if you are going, it would be great to see you and share this brilliant event together.



  1. The main reason for David Poole running this is to sign up customers for his web support business. When I challenged his dubious claims he blocked me, so no invite this year for me – where on line is this being discussed? i’d love to put them straight!!


    • Of course this is the main reason for running the event. He is in business after all. The reason ADI Network are there is to gain new members. However nobody who attends is obliged to buy, sign up for anything, they can sit in on the speakers and take from the even whatever is of most use to them.


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