Banned before passing a driving test? This could be a reality for learner drivers

Learner drivers may face a ban from the roads before even passing their test if they do not follow important rules, as figures show 76,000 learners have points on their provisional licences.

Of these, 61 per cent already have between six and 10 points. 33,000 drivers were hit with points over driving without insurance, while 13,000 were penalised for driving without a supervisor.

Another source of the fines were learner drivers not displaying their L-plates correctly. James Armstrong, CEO of Veygo, a short term car insurance company, said: “The number of provisional points has jumped this year due to more learner drivers on the road as they await coveted driving test spots amid the pandemic backlog.

“I’d urge people to review the rules as penalties can be more severe for learners and newer drivers, who can have their licences revoked if they commit an offence or exceed six penalty points within two years of passing their test.”


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