Encouraging motorists to tow safely with accredited training

Today (18 May 2022) the DVSA are launching their new accredited training scheme for towing. 

The new training scheme will provide motorists with the skills and knowledge they need to tow safely. The training covers large and small trailers – and courses are also available for drivers who want to tow specific types of trailers such as caravans and horseboxes.

Whilst the DVSA strongly recommend drivers get accredited training before they tow for the first time, the scheme is also available for people who already tow regularly. The training scheme can provide an opportunity to refresh and formalise their practical experience.

Encouraging pupils to take accredited training

Some pupils may want to tow a trailer after they’ve passed their driving test. This could be to transport horses, or because they work in the agricultural industry. 

Before they do this, they should get training with an accredited trainer. We know how important advice and guidance is to pupils, and we hope to encourage them to take this training before they tow. 

Find an accredited trainer on GOV.UK

You can find out more about the accredited training scheme for towing on GOV.UK. 

Towing safely this summer

Motorists who plan to use a trailer this summer, need to carry out some basic safety checks before setting off.

The video link below sets out how make sure a vehicle and trailer are safe and legal.


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