Sponsorship as marketing


Any form of marketing is going to cost you, be it just the logos on your car, or the website you set up, all hopefully with the desired return on investment.


Yet these are “one-way” forms of advertising, asking for a response from the right person who happens to come across your message.

However, one form of marketing that doesn’t have to be soulless, is “sponsorship”.



Whereas advertising on a listings page gets you squeezed in with all the other ADI’s in your area and probably seen by the majority of “viewers” from outside of your area. Sponsorship can be a far better form of advertising as it targets a more localised audience and with much higher interaction.

Local sports teams traditionally suffer from a lack of funding and as such any potential sponsor is going to be greatly received and appreciated.

In addition to a sign at the ground, name on the shirts, you’re also going to get listed on the team’s website and in their social media and subsequent tweets. All of which are targeting your “local” audience and as we all know, referrals are the best form of advertising.

Add to this, any personal interest in the sport of the team you are sponsoring, then you also gain a warm feeling of being involved and add in the factor that sponsorship can be offset against your self-assessment, then sponsorship should score highly on any marketing plan you have in place.



For example, last year I sponsored a local motorcycle racer, Simon Edmondson, initially just for giggles, to see the name of my company on the side of a race bike, however across the season I was able to invite potential clients to join myself for a days racing and get a, behind the scenes, look at how a race team is run, with paddock passes, gratefully provided by Simon.

Upshot was a good time had by all and new clients on-board with ADI Network.



Then a little closer to home and to specifically target new students for me to teach, I offered up a prize, of block of lessons, for the raffle at the Christmas fair at school my girls attend. As my prize had the most value, it naturally caused the biggest stir with all the parents who bought tickets.

The nett result is a not one, but 5 new pupils, as though who didn’t win the raffle prize still were in the market for lessons and the school had just referred me to them.


I get to feel all fuzzy and warm in that I am helping a good cause and smug as a bug, when the sponsorship pays off in getting me new pupils and new clients to ADI Network.

Therefore, for me, sponsorship shall always form a part of my marketing plan for the year, it doesn’t have to cost the earth and the result can be very rewarding for all.



See my sponsorship in action.

Win a pair of tickets to see motorcycle racer, Simon Edmondson compete on track at Darley Moor race circuit.

ADI NETWORK have teamed up with Intelligent Instructor Magazine to bring you this exclusive offer, of spending time in the paddock, with a race team, getting up close to the action and to assist in the race bikes preparation.

Go to intelligentinstructor.co.uk   to enter.


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