Could yours be the knockout blow ?

Whilst the “Beast from the East” does its best to keep us indoors, I thought I’d take the time to write about a local lass who has taken up the challenge to get in to the ring, in a bid to take the fight to cancer and help deal a knockout blow to this most awful disease.

Having gone two rounds with cancer myself, upon hearing of her challenge, I just had to get behind it.

Kayleigh Louisa hails from Nottingham and has agreed to step in to the ring, having never boxed in her life, to take part in a charity boxing event to help raise funding for Cancer Research through Ultra White Collar Boxing.

UWCB-with-tagline-for-website-only     UWCB

As Kayleigh states on her Just Giving page, she is not the most fittest, nor motivated person, however she has signed up and is committed to completing her 8 weeks training and entering the ring at the end of it, for her very first boxing match.

Having boxed in my youth, I know full well how daunting it is to step in to the ring and face your opponent who is hell bent on hitting you more times than you them.

Kayleigh has already won in one respect, as she has found an inner confidence she did not know existed. The charity will win by all those who choose to support it and if a final knockout blow can be dealt to cancer, then for all those people who are affected by cancer each year, then this shall be the greatest  achievement of all.

Could your donation be the knockout blow to cancer ?

This blog shall go out to over 10,000 instructors, if we each gave just £1 that’s a huge upper cut towards beating cancer and if you also tick the “GIFT AID” box, the charity can claim extra tax relief, meaning the charity receives additional funding at no extra cost to your good self.

Donation can be made via Kayleigh’s Just Giving page linked below.







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