8 changes to the driving test booking service

1. Driving test can be changed up to 6 times

We have reduced the number of times a driving test appointment can be changed from 10 to 6.

If a candidate changes the test more than 6 times, they will need to cancel it and rebook the test.

2. Short notice cancellations are changing

From Wednesday 22 June, we will no longer automatically rearrange or refund practical, or theory tests cancelled within the 3-day short notice cancellation window if a candidate tells us they have COVID-19.

This means that candidates will lose your test fee if a test is cancelled within the short notice period unless your pupil:

  • is ill or injured
  • has been affected by a bereavement
  • needs to take an exam
  • has had their driving licence stolen

The full details about the change and how to apply for a refund were sent out by email on June 7.

We’ll also be updating the guidance on GOV.UK.   

3. Who can use the book and manage your pupil’s driving test service

Only businesses who employ at least one ADI can register and access the service.

Vocational and motorcycle trainer bookers will also be able to continue to use the service.

4. How to get your business ID

If your account was suspended, you can still access the service to get your business ID number by:

  • choosing account management
  • clicking on ‘Business details’ on menu – your business ID is shown in the general details section

Alternatively, you call the customer services centre on 0300 200 1122 or and they can give you your business ID number.

Screen shot showing business ID number

5. How to register or re-register to use the book and manage your pupil’s driving test service

Registering or re-registering is now done via email to stop abuse of the system, but you will need your ADI’s badge number.

6. Changing your pupils’ tests via the book and manage your pupil’s driving test service

The customer service team have access to the same live booking service that you and your pupils can use.

So if your pupils want to change the date of their test, encourage them to use the change your driving test appointment service on GOV.UK.

If you are not able to use the online service, you can still contact our customer service centre during opening hours using the ADI fast-track number, 0300 200 1122 (option 25 at point of connection).

7. Updating the terms of reference people using the service

DVSA are making changes to the terms and conditions for using the service to make it clear you’re not allowed to use it to make a profit.

We’ll share more information about this as soon as we can.

8. Updating the ‘fit and proper’ guidance for ADIs

Nick Taylor, the ADI Registrar, is reviewing the ‘fit and proper’ criteria to make it clear that profiting from driving test bookings is not considered fit and proper behaviour.


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