Changes to Driving Test Bay Park manoeuvre

Reverse parking manoeuvre in non DVSA car parks on driving tests
From the 9th of May the DVSA may use ‘non-DVSA’ car parks for the reverse park into a parking bay manoeuvre if it is assessed on a driving test. 
This change is being introduced across all driving test centres following a successful trial in February and March 2022. 
The change gives the option for reverse parking to be assessed on all driving tests, not just those taken at driving tests centres with a car park. 

Following on from a successful trialThe trial took place at 15 driving test centres earlier in the year for car driving tests and ADI part 2 tests.The feedback was positive from driving examiners, approved driving instructors and candidates who’s tests were included as part of the trial. 

Examiners shall continue to use car parks that are currently used for testing the forward park. 

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