Calls to cover new tech in driving tests

Road safety organisation research shows concerns over autonomous car tech

IAM RoadSmart is calling for the education of automated technology to be included in the UK driving test.

They believe this will help drivers understand the new tech’s capabilities, and limitations.

Research conclusions from its annual Safety Culture Report highlighted anxieties around the technology.

Fear of the unknown

More than half of respondents (59%) believe the growing autonomous able vehicles is a serious risk to safety. The opinions don’t vary much by age, though women are particularly concerned with 67%.

Neil Greig, director of policy and research at IAM RoadSmart, thinks “misinformation” is an issue.

“The public still remains to be fully convinced new technology”, he says. In theory, the tech has the potential to reduce many collisions on Britain’s roads, saving thousands of deaths and injuries.

“In order for this trust to be gained, we recommend that proper education”.

The future’s here

The UK has given the green light to self-driving on motorways. There are limits and conditions of usage, but the tech is becoming an increasing driver option. Fresh predictions state that one in 10 of all vehicles will be at least partially autonomous by 2030.

Britain is the first country to support the roll out of autonomous vehicles on public roads. As Greig says: “It is surely only a matter of time before autonomous vehicles become a very common sight on Britain’s roads.

“This makes our call for more education all the more important, ensuring we all remain in the right lane and make Britain’s roads as safe as they can be.”


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