Health Perks

Mental health is a critical issue, one that we take very seriously at ADI NETWORK

Following a comprehensive review, we’ve partnered with an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provider to bring you the best service possible from Health Assured.
What can the Health Assured EAP do for you?

Summary of Services:

24/7 Support helpline 365 days a year

Critical Incident and trauma support

Medical, legal and financial information

Access to an online health and wellbeing portal – a comprehensive library of wellbeing

Access to the health and e-Hub app – giving you immediate support from the palm of your hand

Monthly webinars and newsletters with helpful advice and guidance

Managerial Emotional Support
Stress management

Conflict resolution

Communicating change

Work/life balance

Absence management

Team building

Time management

Post-trauma support

Management information

Return to work support

Bullying and harassment

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