Where’s Your Head At?

Gravity may keep your feet on the ground, but positivity helps you fly

The famous entrepreneur, writer and speaker, Jim Rohn, once said: “Unless you change how you are, you’ll always have what you’ve got.”

My piece of advice? You are the key to your future. Your attitude will determine your results, but first of all you’ve got to take responsibility and own what you do.

Sure, there are lots of things that will help make 2019 an even better year for you – a pick up in the economy, positive high calibre pupils, motivated franchisees, good weather, winning the lottery… but there is also something in the saying: “You make your own luck”. A positive attitude and taking control of your business will definitely improve the odds for greater success.

 Ifs & Buts

There will always be plenty of ‘ifs’, but who is in control of them?

The thing is you’ll never get more money, more success or more time, without clearing out your head trash first.

So, what is your ‘head trash’? Think of all the excuses you make not to get stuff done, not to move your business forward, not to take a leap of faith. Not enough time, not enough confidence, not enough resources…all that these excuses really amount to is ‘head trash’ – self-defeating and negative beliefs which prevent us from changing our behaviour and achieving our goals.

It is personal beliefs that drive behaviour, so if we think we can’t accomplish something, chances are we won’t because we won’t bother taking the steps needed to achieve those goals.

 Positivity Breeds Positives

As ADIs and business owners, we need to stay positive in order to stay creative. I’d urge you to find the time this week to sit down and get rid of your head trash. Get rid of what’s holding you back, get some closure on previous disappointments and negative experiences, and find your new direction. Make plans and be positive and excited about the possibilities, surround yourself with positive people, do whatever it takes to raise your motivation levels, and you’ll son find it starts a chain reaction that will power your success and kick start your new year mentally, physically and professionally.

 It’s Up To You

What happens this year in your life and your business, is up to you. Yes, there will be unexpected hold ups and diversions along the road, but it is how you deal with these that will dictate the consequences.

And you are not on your own. There is some terrific support out there, all set to help you be a better instructor and be better in business, from local and national associations, to professional development courses and workshops, some free, others that require you to invest in your future, whether through annual memberships, to single day courses.

They are all geared to assist, support, mentor and help you achieve more and hit higher targets in 2019.

You see, you’re not alone, so think big, and if you are thinking big, then just think bigger.


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