THINK! has launched it’s annual festive drink-drive campaign this week, which aims to encourage young men to step in if their mate is tempted to drink and drive.


For this year’s festive campaign, THINK! have produced three new videos with the key message ‘a mate doesn’t let a mate drink drive’. The videos depict young men going out of their way to look out for each other and make sure their mates don’t drink and drive. The campaign will run over social media and online video platforms in the run up to Christmas.

Over the last year, THINK!’s creative strategy and work with organisations such as LADbiblerecognises how influential peers are in young peoples’ lives. They tap into the value of peer approval within the young driver demographic in a bid to raise awareness and tackle drink driving in the upcoming festive season; a time when social drinking is more prevalent.

Research highlights that many young men feel awkward about intervening if their friend was intending to drive after they had been drinking. THINK!’s campaign uses humour to encourage young men to step in and speak up



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