Share the Love

Getting referrals from students is “the” best marketing any ADI could receive.

So being able to have students boasting of how great you are week in week out has to be the holy grail.

By adding students to the Benefits Package, this is what you get.

Each time a student of mine makes a saving, half price cinema tickets, 8% off their asos order, they brag about it on social media, telling the online world, most of whom live within a stones throw of me, of how they saved money and how great an instructor I am for giving them this as an added bonus, on top of the brilliant tuition I offer.

So for the 3/6/9 months a student is having lessons with me, they are constantly telling the world about how great I am. “Referring” me week in week out and not just for one day when they pass their test.

I’m now only delivering lessons solely within the town where I live, cutting down on my travel time and running costs.



Adding students is simple and you can even request postcode exclusivity, thus giving you a Unique Selling Point for your area.

The FREE trail extends to student as well, so there’s no reason not to “Share the Love”

My Free Trial


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