Is it time to work on your business?

Recently I was invited to attend a course delivered by Martin Leather of  Driving School Development.

driving-school-development-logo     DRIVING SCHOOL DEVELPOMENT

Now their website makes some bold claims of being able to increase an ADIs revenue by £8600 a year. So I must admit to being a little sceptical, as I drove down south from Nottingham, for a day working on my business.

I had been keen to meet up with Martin Leather for a while now, as I have been following his “Monday with Martin” live webinars on Facebook, so took this invitation, along with lunch included and headed south for the day.


I always enjoy meeting fellow ADIs and this day was no exception, with the 12 other instructors in attendance, all of us from differing backgrounds, some still green to the industry, some vastly more experience, yet none the less, all there for the same reason, to increase revenue from their respective driving schools, be it just one man bands, or running a multi school franchise.

The course was broken down into segments and looked at the business side of things.

With plenty of role play and getting ADIs to identify and  work on the weaker side of their business, I can see how Martin and Maria courses can really enhance a driving schools business.

Now as with anything in life, there is no “one size fits all” solution, this is why Driving School Development work 1-2-1 with instructors following on from this initial first phase of tuning up a driving schools business.

As for the claims of being able to increase a schools revenue by £8600 a year, well when you break it down, the sums do add up.

As with the ADI Network Benefits Package, all the little things do add weight and substance to not only increase revenue, but to also establish better working practices to develop a school that works for the ADI and not the ADI working for the school.

Their last course of 2018 is at the Hilton Hotel, Milton Keynes on Monday 10th of September. With just a few places available and ADI Network Members receive a £50 discount on course attendance.






ADI NETWORK Limited is incorporated and registered in England & Wales

Company number 08896186





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