Marmalade Foundation’s Helping Deserving Drivers scheme

Marmalade has been renowned as a champion of young drivers, helping them take to the road with its range of affordable insurance policies and sassy new cars, and helping to ensure they stay safe with its use of smart, black box technology. But it’s now gone one step further in a quest to help young people with the launch of Helping Deserving Drivers! (HDD).


HDD provides free driving lessons for really deserving young persons living with challenges and every award winner is chosen either on individual merit or because they’ll benefit their community. Put simply, becoming mobile will make a visible difference to their lives and to the lives of all those around them!

The cost of putting a pupil through the scheme is £1,125 and is funded by the Foundation, Marmalade Network and outside organisations, such as ADI Network, who shall be donating £30 for each ADI that signs up as a member of both The Marmalade Network and ADI Network.

HDD applicants can be put forward either by instructors with first-hand knowledge of their situation or by charitable organisations and if you’d like to speak to someone about the scheme or if you know of someone who could possibly benefit, just drop a quick line to:

Find out more about Helping Deserving Drivers at:

Marmalade Network Foundation



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