Time Out

So having got my Standards Test out of the way this week, I don’t expect another invitation for a good few years. I can now get back to a normal pace and focus on teaching and taking the Benefits Package forwards.timeout

I mentioned this to may partner, who’s response was to state that, “You’re lucky as you don’t have a boss, you can take time off when you want”.

Across the year this has been quoted to me, as when it came to school holidays, or when the girls have been ill, to us having something delivered.

Yes we don’t have to clock in and we may not have a “boss” watching over us, however we still have commitments to meet, bills to pay and any “time out” will come at a cost.

So am I glad my Standards test is out of the way, yes you bet. Although I wasn’t scared to take it, nor the outcome of a pass, it did come at a cost, the time I spent planning my lesson, my route and the free lesson I gave my student for being my pupil on the day.




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