Intelligent Instructor “Spotlight”

It’s always nice to see ones name in print and below is an article in a recent edition of Intelligent Instructor magazine.


ADI Network

Pupils, perks and greater profits. One ADIs chance opportunity now benefits more than 600 others

The seed of the ADI Network was planted when one new ADI needed to make his new business productive and profitable, and easier.

It’s founder, Mike Simpson, qualified as an instructor in 2008 and, like the majority of the newly qualified, he joined a franchise in order to get him started and gain real experience in his new career. “After a year I soon realised I was working mostly to pay the large franchise fees. I had the car, all looking resplendent with the fresh logos, but I didn’t have the pupils.”

The realities of the industry, and being self-employed even if you do belong to a franchise, finally pushed Mike into advertising for his own pupils. “I took out an ad with a ‘Daily Deal’ site, and it netted me far more pupils than I could handle.” With previous Marketing and Sales experience, Mike realised he could sell his surplus pupils onto colleagues in his local area of Nottingham. It soon became apparent that the business model was more than viable and he expanded the geographical range of the business, setting about contacting instructors from up and down the country, hence the name ‘ADI Network’.

In 2014, ADI Network was registered as a limited company and a year later the name successfully became a registered Trade Mark, and pairing pupils with instructors remains the mainstay of what is proving a successful and effective business for everyone involved.


Spreading the Word

This year the business surpassed 600 registered members. The pupils supply service utilises a fully automated system, with instructors sent an SMS the moment a pupil submits a request to find an instructor matching an ADIs postcode, transmission and lesson availability. Unlike other sites that offer ‘leads’ to multiple instructors, and effectively put the pupil in control of what becomes a price war between lesson providers, pupil’s details are only given to the instructor that responds first. This mean the instructor does not have to worry unnecessarily about pricing when contacting the pupil. What’s more, pupils receive updates on the progress of their ‘Search & Match’ request, providing them with information on their allocated instructor, and confidence in the service going forwards. “We only accept fully qualified ADIs,” says Mike, “vetting each member request received, again to safeguard the pupil and our reputation.”


Growing the Service

Mike remains a working ADI, and combining this with his sales/marketing background, he is focused on “ways to work smarter, to save on the running costs as an ADI”. This has led to the development ADI Network’s ‘Benefits Package’. It allows members to subscribe and gain access to a host of exclusive, money saving perks, helping ADIs to increase their lesson profits.

ADI Network continues to grow in terms of both member numbers and the services it provides. It has just launched a blog site that provides members with regular industry related news updates, as well as highlighting key perks and how to utilise them.

As Mike sums it up: “If, by working together, we can deliver a service that benefits its members, and not just the company, that must be a positive and moral way of working.”


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