Last years price, today on the forecourt

This latest blog, is to boast of how, today, I filled up at the equivalent price of just £1.03 per litre.


The last time petrol was this low was back in 2016, so how, by using the perks of an ADI Networks “Benefits Package”, have I managed to fill up for such a cheap price ?

Firstly, from the comfort of my living room, I top up Tesco pre paid card, which automatically gives a 4% saving both in store & at the pump. Topping up is so simple & can be done via a laptop, tablet, or mobile.

Next nip down to my local Tesco petrol station & fill the tank & go inside to pay.

Then before handing over the Tesco pre paid card, I make use of the £3.50 Clubcard voucher that I received in the post, just that morning, not forgetting to get this transactions points added to my Clubcard.

Thus by making use of the cheaper prices at Tesco, the 4% saving the pre paid card gives and the £3.50 voucher saving even more money, this is how I managed to pay the equivalent of just £1.03 per litre.

Don’t believe me, then put it to the test with a FREE trial of the ADI Networks Benefits Package for yourself for a month.






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