DVSA warn of examiner strike


PCS operational members at the DVSA, including driving examiners and vehicle testing staff, are due to be balloted from 4th September until the 4th of October for industrial action in a protracted dispute over travel time arrangements, health and safety and other changes to terms and conditions.

DVSA plans to impose a ‘flexible working’ regime giving managers the ability to deploy all Ops staff anywhere they choose without notice, the reason for the dispute. Staff would be expected to travel on these deployments entirely in their own time.

The employers proposals effectively mean workers could be required to work the equivalent of an extra day per week for free.

The issue stems from 2015 where talks involving PCS and the employer still persist, with PCS claiming that the DVSA and the Department for Transport still refuses to resolve the outstanding issues.

A full report on the PCS website is available.

PCS report


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